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This is the time to be happy for all the music lovers as I am listing out great free mp3 music download sites. Are you the one who is tired of paying money just for listening to some good music, then it is the time to get over with this.

  1. The background music is As I Walked Forth Sequenced by Lesley Nelson. This is part of my Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America website.; These are songs from my site that were popular in England, arranged in chronological order.
  2. Jun 28, 2021 Download free music from (Image credit: Noisetrade) 3. All the music on NoiseTrade is free to download, with one caveat: the ‘trade’ in question is your email address.

In fact, apart from English songs, you have the opportunity to download UK songs, German and Netherland songs too. So, now you must have gained the idea that how versatile the site actually is. Not only versatile, but the site is rich in its database too. Waiting to download the latest new songs from your favourite singers and bands around right now? Find out when you can get your hands on the biggest new music releases coming up this month.

I am going to provide you some great options for the same here. This list of best free mp3 music download sites is really a great support for all the music lovers.

10 Best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites

Now, you are not supposed to pay anything to cherish your love for music as these sites are not going to charge anything for their services.

1. Mp3clan


The first one in this list is a very popular and one of the most used free mp3 music download sites namely Mp3Clan. The site owns a huge library of all types of music and all of them are made available to the users very easily.

The site is super diverse and without the need of registration, it helps you to avail all the features of this site. This is a free to use site but you can upgrade the features with some paid services.

Although, running on a free plan will be great enough for you. You are being provided numerous categories on this site so that it becomes easier for the users to navigate the site easily. Some of these categories are blues, hip hop, classical, Latino, pop, rock etc.

I personally liked Mp3Clan the most in the list of free mp3 music download sites. The simple user interface and abundant database will not disappoint you at all. Apart from the songs, you can also download or stream albums through this site.

At last, if you are not able to find the desired song then you can directly search for it in the search bar given at the top most part of the site.

2. Audiomack


This is the time that you give yourself up for the love of music to this site named Audiomack completely. Be it artists, songs or even the entire albums, you are going to get it all for absolutely free on this site. The below given description is going to make it even sure that why I included it in the list of free mp3 music download sites.

You have the opportunity to browse different sections here. In this way, you are getting an organized site which will allow you to browse music with the help of different categories.

You can even search music on the basis of the genre too. There are different categories of them like electronic, pop, hip hop etc. You can even avail podcasts too on this site. If you want then you can even download their app too for better accessing on your device.

In fact, Audiomack comes under the category of free mp3 music download sites no registration. However, if you want to upload something on this site then you would have to sign up first.

3. MP3download


You paste a Youtube link on Mp3download and it instantly gives you a Mp3 download link for the entire video! Not just Mp3, if you wish, you can also download the file as WAV, FLAC, AAC and even M4A and WEBM! You can also search for, and play videos right here. That even eliminates the link-pasting step!

Maybe you don’t need the entire video/song? There’s an in-built cutter. You can specify timestamps. Only the content within these time-stamps will be downloaded. This saves time, bandwidth and gets you exactly what you’re looking for.

It even auto-fetches a list of “related” content. You’re bound to find other similar songs you may like when using Mp3download.

The downloads are one-click. You aren’t redirected to any third-party sites, there are absolutely no ads. It doesn’t even require registration. Low on space? You can even directly save the file in your Dropbox account.

4. Free Mp3 Finder (Amoyshare)


This is actually a subdivision of various services offered by the site Amoyshare. This free mp3 finder is basically a type of free mp3 music download sites. This is basically a type of search engine which collaborates results from different sources and then put them together on one page.

In this way, it gives you better results than Google itself when it comes to browsing latest music. In fact, I tried to download some songs through this site and it was so easy to use.

With just one click after the search, you can easily download as many songs as you want. You are getting all these features comprised in a site without the worry of registration as well as charges. Free mp3 Finder is a free approach towards making the mp3 songs available to every users for free.

With the help of 4 resources sites like YouTube, Archive, Jamendo, and 4Shared, results are acquired quickly on this site. Apart from being quick Free Mp3 Finder is one of those free mp3 music download sites which gives quality songs options too.

5. n-mp3


You must not be familiar with this site but it is actually one of the most amazing and useful free mp3 music download sites that you ever needed to download whatever songs you want. This site is quite like the rest of the site and most importantly it is a type of search engine dedicated to music only.

If you are someone who is used to of categories and genres of music then you may not like this site. N-mp3 does not have any sections listed on its home page.

There are still some features which are enough to include it in the list of free mp3 music download sites. There is possibly no mp3 songs ever which cannot be found on this site. Apart from downloading every song, you can also listen to them online too.

There are no issues related to this site like sign up before downloading, additional charges, etc. So, eventually what you are getting through this site is pure entertainment and non-stop music download.

6. Mp3Face


If you are one huge fan of downloading entire albums instead of single mp3 tracks, then Mp3Face can help you totally with this. Although, the site also let you download single tracks too but the collection of albums on this site makes it one of the best album downloader ever.

Unlike the other mentions in this list, the site is not a search engine and works with the help of different categories and sections out here.

In fact, apart from English songs, you have the opportunity to download UK songs, German and Netherland songs too. So, now you must have gained the idea that how versatile the site actually is. Not only versatile, but the site is rich in its database too.

The ultimate database allows you to download free. full album here. All the recent uploads and releases will be displayed on the home page itself so that you are not supposed to search out the whole site for it. And finally, the most important part of this site is the fact that you are not supposed to register yourself here.

7. Mp3Monkey


Like most of the free mp3 music download sites listed here, Mp3 Monkey is also a type of music search engine too. This means there is no in between things and no folders here. There is only a search bar on this site where you can put your queries to find out the relevant results.

The site comes with different advantages too. You are not supposed to sign up here plus the site is free to use too.

You are going to find better results for any of your mp3 queries on this site. It loads the results faster and allows you to download them quickly too. If you are browsing the site on your smartphone, then you would be glad to know that the site is mobile friendly too.

The site also provides you the recent searches so that you know what the songs which are trending right now are. So, now you know that free mp3 music download sites like mp3 monkey are so capable to allow you to download your desired songs easily.

8. Slider

Uk Songs Download Site


Downloading your favorite songs were never so easy but Slider made this possible for you. The easy to use search technology of Slider helps you to reach to the possible links to download your favorite songs very quickly.

The site is completely free to be accessed plus there are no troubles of registration here too. This makes Slider one of the easiest free mp3 music download sites.

However, Slider allows you to donate some money to the site. In this way they maintain their server very easily. When it comes to browsing songs, then you can find various types of mp3 songs here like Pop, Rap, electro, classic, etc.

Slider is one of the simplest type of free mp3 music download sites that you can use to download your desired songs whenever you want.

9. My Free Mp3


The next one here in this list is My Free Mp3. The site is just like its name and absolutely free to be used. In fact, you would not even have seen such a simple and easy to use site never before. The idea is to let the users decide what they want and then eventually get all the relevant results of it.

This site is not only suitable to be included in free mp3 music download sites but also perfect to be a music streaming source too. This means it is a perfect solution for your music needs.

No wonder why My Free Mp3 is amongst free mp3 music download sites right now. When you will open up the site you are going to see nothing except a search bar. This means no filters, sections, categories etc. Just a clean musical search engine for the music lovers.

Despite being so simple, the site is one of the most diversified source of mp3 files. You just simply need to put the keywords in the search bar and all the relevant results will be there in front of you.

10. Vibe Clouds


Vibe Cloud is a huge audio hosting platform and also one of the most important listings in the category of free mp3 music download sites. This is a site which runs from the equal collaboration of users as well as artists. You can call this site to be a content curated platform too.

Vibe Clouds is a great site to download unlimited music of any type at any time. Not only downloading, but this platform is adequate enough to stream music too.

With so many similar features and services offered the site also comes under the category of free music download sites like Limewire too. With so many great features like HTML5 online player, largest music database, instant search results, instant downloading options etc.

Apart from the songs, you are also getting DJ mix, radio shows, albums, etc. on this platform and the best part is that you can even download them too. You are also not supposed to register on this site and each and every service comes with no charges at all.

11. Mp3int


The last one in this section of free mp3 music download sites is Mp3int. If you have used sites like Mp3juices or other ones similar to it then you will find the interface of Mp3int exactly similar to such sites. This is also a type of musical search engine which proceeds results on the basis of queries asked.

But the one more feature of the site is its music streaming capability. This differentiates it from the rest of the sites.

Many of such music search engines only provide the facility of music downloads but Mp3int also make it available to stream online too. You would be glad to know that the site is totally free to use. And downloads are saved directly into your device which means no digital downloads.

I would also recommend this free music mp3 download site to those people who want a clean user interface without any sub folders and classifications. You would surely like the concept of this site once you will start using it to download songs.

12. Mp3 Quack



MP3 quack seems to only fetch songs from Youtube.

But, if a song/video exists on Youtube, MP3 quack lets you download that in MP3 format (among others) absolutely free.

Moreover, you can also play Mp3 direct online on MP3 Quack (again, fetched from Youtube).

Even if it’s a video, MP3 quack automatically and instantly converts it to MP3 when you click on the “play” button. No downloads required.

Simply search for the MP3 you wish to download using the provided search-bar.

The next page will list all the available music for your search.

It also shows the content creator, as well as total plays/streams of the music video.

A hoard of download options are available, based on quality.

You can either choose 32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128Kbps, 192Kbps, 256Kbps or even 320Kbps.

The size of the file is displayed making sure you do not overuse your bandwidth.

No signup or payment is required. Simply click once on the “download” button and it’s initiated instantly.

You can also use it to search for random music, when you aren’t sure of what you need.

There’s a “famous artist” section which can be used to find music that the rest of the world liked.

13. MP3 Juice


Search for a song > get a download link.

Literally, as simple as that.

No registration/signup/ ad-skipping or payment required.

MP3 Juice pulls songs from various sources such as Youtube, Yandex, Soundcloud, VK, 4Shared, PromoDJ, Archieve etc.

You can also manually select the sources which should, or shouldn’t be included.

Or, you can ignore all of that.

You can choose to either download MP3, or MP4 formats.

Even the “quality” of the song can be selected.

The time and bitrate of the song displayed beforehand as well, helps find better quality versions of the same song.

What if you only need a certain portion of the song and not the entire clip?

It has an in-built trimmer which can be used to trim and download only the required parts of the audio/video.

You can also preview the song before initiating a download.

The search-bar does understand “related searches” which is rare on these sites.

Meaning, you’ll get results even if your spelling is off by a couple alphabet.

14. Free MP3 Cloud


Despite being at #13, this totally is the simplest, most straight-forward, easiest to use free MP3 music download site on this list.

You land on the site, enter a song name, click on download. Done. Completely free.

No other page-redirection, no ads, no signups/registrations.

The music has a “play” button. When pressed, it lets you listen to the song in-browser, without downloading.

That lets you preview the MP3, making sure it’s the right song you want.

If it is, click on the cloud-like icon, this initiates the download instantly.

Not all of the Mp3 files are HQ, however, the quality is pretty impressive and acceptable for all the files.

The MP3 files which indeed are HQ carry the “HQ” tag.

There also is an option to let you download the entire album for free, however, the button redirects to third-party website and requires payments.

I tried searching for very recent songs, and they weren’t available.

So, let’s just say you can use it to download MP3 that has been released at least a couple months back.

15. MP3 Paw


Basic interface, one-click downloads, no ads. I guess that defines MP3 Paw best.

So, the site has a search-feature. Simply key-in the name of a song/artist or an album.

The results than display the results. No thumbnails, just text names.

It also has this music-streaming feature, clicking on “play music” streams it on your browser directly.

You can then click on the “download mp3” button to get to the download page.

The download page offers multiple download options. You can download music of quality as low as 32kbps, or as high as 320Kbps.

Many other quality-options exist in-between.

There’s even an advanced in-built ringtone maker.

You can choose the speed; as many as 5 different speed-variations are available.

Then, set the start/end time for the music, trim it and download it as a ringtone!

There are absolutely no ads or registrations. All the MP3 downloads are one-click.

16. Bestwap2


It’s primarily a mobile-site. As in, it’s made primarily for users who’re looking to download MP3 music from their cell phones. Either way, if you need songs, the site has it, simple.

It’s also exclusive to Indian music. Although, music from all the Indian industries such as Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri etc. is available.

The content has good age as well. Meaning, you can download Bollywood songs which were released as far back as 2007, or as soon as 2020.

In most cases, it offers quality-choice as well. So, you can choose if you want the 128Kbps music or 320Kbps. The size of the file, as well as the number of download is transparent shown before downloading.

The best part is, (surprisingly) it doesn’t seem to believe in ads. No frustrating, annoying, automated tabs pop up. You can also play/stream the music in-browser, without having to download it. However, there’s a clear “download” button if you do decide to download the music.

It doesn’t redirect to any third-party websites. One-click on the “download” button initiates the download. No registration/survey/popups/payments need to be entertained. It’s 100% free.

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I hope you must have liked all the mp3 free music download sites listed here. The easy to use interface and the user-friendly navigation will lead you easily further in these sites.

There are various other options too for the exact same category of best mp3 music free download sites. But I have tried to bring only the best ones for you. I think these options are enough to decide the best one according to your taste. So start using these sites from now onwards instead of the paid ones.

Finding and downloading new music doesn't have to be expensive; many great artists have chosen to make their work available to download free, if you know where to look. Here we've picked the five best providers of free music downloads – all totally legal and above board.

  • Get the best YouTube downloader to save your YouTube playlists on your PC.

Where to download free music at a glance

  1. Soundcloud
  3. Noisetrade
  4. Jamendo Music
  5. Bandcamp

It’s important to note that although artists have chosen to distribute their work for free on these sites, the music is still protected by copyright and mustn’t be distributed in any other way unless clearly stated otherwise. If you find something awesome, just share a link to the artist’s profile and everyone wins.

The sites below are our top choices for free music, but some of the big online music stores also offer free tracks to download. Take a look at Amazon's free music selection and Google Play's free song of the week if you can't find exactly what you're looking for here.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a brilliant place to discover and download free music, with a brilliant tagging system that makes it easy to search by genre. Not all tracks are available gratis, but you might be surprised how many are.

When you find a track you like, look at the bottom beside the various sharing options and you’ll see a link marked either ‘Buy’ or ‘Download’, depending on how the artist has chosen to distribute it. When you download a track, you will automatically begin following that artist, but you can unfollow them any time if you change your mind. You might also be prompted to like the artist’s page on Facebook.

You can only download tracks individually, not whole playlists. Downloads are provided in MP3 format.

Chart Flashback: It's Ten Years Since Tinie Tempah Pass Out Hit Number 1


You're probably familiar with’s music streaming service, but it also provides tracks to download free.

The free downloads section is tucked away behind a little link at the bottom of the homepage, but once you’re there you’ll find a great variety of songs from both small indie outfits and well known artists.

Unfortunately there’s no way to filter or sort the downloadable tracks so you’ll have to spend some time browsing through, streaming and previewing to find what you want, but this is no bad thing if you’re looking for something new.

All free music is provided to download in MP3 format.

3. NoiseTrade

All the music on NoiseTrade is free to download, with one caveat: the ‘trade’ in question is your email address and postal/ZIP code, which will be used to distribute newsletters and to let artists see where their fans are located.

NoiseTrade's design is clean and clear, with an intuitive tagging system to help you find new music in a similar style to one of your current favorites.

NoiseTrade is free for musicians to use, and you can give your favourite new discoveries a tip to support their work.

It's not just music either; NoiseTrade also offers books to download on a huge range of topics in both EPUB and MOBI formats.

4. Jamendo Music

Like many free music download sites, Jamendo Music is all about connecting fans and artists – helping listeners find new tracks to enjoy, and giving musicians a platform to reach new audiences. › The-best-free-music-download-sitesThe Best Free Music Download Sites - PCMag UK

Jamendo’s themed radio stations are one of the easiest ways to find songs you’ll enjoy. To grab the track that’s currently playing, just click the small download button in the toolbar at the bottom of your browser window.

You don’t need an account to start listening and downloading, but features like track skipping are only available if you sign up. Music is provided in MP3 format.

Jamendo Music isn’t just a brilliant place to download free music for your own enjoyment, it’s also a superb resource when you want a track to use in a video. Using music in videos can be an intellectual property nightmare, but Jamendo is a superb place to start. Music from Jamendo isn’t free for use in videos (it’s how the artists earn a crust), but there’s a choice of licenses, all explained in plain English, starting at US$9.99.

5. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is chiefly a way for independent artists and small labels to get their own storefront, find new audiences and earn a living from their work, but some have chosen to make tracks available to download free. Just search for ‘free download’ to discover tracks to download on a name-your-own-price basis.

Bandcamp looks great and is a pleasure to use; it's what MySpace aspired to be but never achieved. Each artist has a custom page featuring a biography, discography, song previews, and reviews – all high quality and genuinely useful.

For finding new music, check out Bandcamp's tags. Not only can you look for tracks in a particular genre, you can also narrow down your options by location. There's a heavy focus on the UK and US, but you'll find a decent selection of music from Asia and continental Europe too.

Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format, and you can choose to receive email updates from the artist if you like.

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