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Mobaxterm Free Download For Windows 8.1

Size: 25.8MB

We just built a new release of MobaXterm (version 8.1)! This new version comes with several new improvements among which: Improved SFTP browser for SSH connections. Improved Windows 10 compatibility (no bugs found on Windows 10 final version yet) Improved local terminal and overall startup speed. Some bug fixes (duplicate tab, powershell, SSH). Here are the direct download links for Windows 8.1 Preview! Don't forget the Product Key for Windows 8.1 (Win-8.1 x86, x64, x32 ): NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F (x64 and x32). If you have SSH Passthrough set up, complete these steps to connect directly from your Windows system to a PFE or LFE: Click the Session icon in the top left corner of the MobaXterm client window (or use Ctrl-Shift-N ). In the Session settings window, click the SSH icon in the top menu to select the SSH tab. In the Remote host field, enter the.

License: FREE

Publisher:Publisher Listed Programs

Release Date: 2021-10-07 Changelog

Submit Date: 2021-10-07

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

Downloads: 21468


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MobaXterm Home Edition is an enhanced terminal for the Windows operating system, which provides full remote computing ability from a single program. Its functions suit different users, including webmasters, programmers and IT administrators among others. The executable file gives users access to a session manager providing all necessary remote network tools and important Unix commands.

Mobaxterm Free Download For Windows 8.1 Nload For Windows 8 1 Free

Mobaxterm Free Download For Windows 8.1


  • Embedded X server
  • Versatile session manager
  • Easy exportation of DISPLAY
  • X11-Forwarding capability
  • Tabbed terminal with SSH
  • Plugins and add-ons

Using MobaXterm Home Edition

MobaXterm Home Edition is a portable program that you can use even without administrator rights. We decided to save the single executable in a USB stick along with other essential tools we carry with us. Depending on your preferences, you can also download the installer edition.

When we launched the free terminal for the first time, Windows Firewall activated an alarm, but we allowed the program. It displayed a local terminal session in typical Unix format. The home screen displayed the IP address and session display number. The navigation pane on the left side of the terminal window had two tabs: Tools and Sessions.

The Tools tab gave us access to office and system tools while the Sessions tab allowed us to toggle among active sessions, as we could run multiple sessions simultaneously.

A graphical SFTP browser appeared when we connected to a remote server via SSH, enabling us to edit remote files directly. The embedded X server allowed us to view remote applications seamlessly on the desktop. We could determine whether the X server was running by viewing its icon at the top right corner of the program window.

MobaXterm supports serial connections and provides quick access to various other types of remote sessions, including FTP, RDP, RSH, VNC and Telnet.

The program's plugin interface allowed us to install various features from the official website, which provided a comprehensive index of Unix, X11 and other third-party tools. We even customized how the tools appeared.


MobaXterm Home Edition provides an intuitive graphical user interface that makes it easy to access remote servers. It is a complete network toolbox providing access to all necessary remote network tools and Unix commands. It provides a Linux environment on a Windows system. The user interface is fairly straightforward although the toolbar is a bit crowded.

Mobaxterm free download for windows 8.1 nload for windows 8 1 freeMobaXterm is a set of network tools included in a single portable exe file. MobaXterm integrates an X server and several network clients (SSH, RDP, VNC, telnet, rlogin, sftp, ftp, ...) accessible through a tab-based terminal.

Key features:

  • Free X server fully configured (based on Xorg)
  • Tab-based terminal with antialiased fonts and macro support
  • Easy DISPLAY exportation from any remote host
  • X11-Forwarding capability in SSH
  • Program without installation that you can start from an USB stick
  • Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable

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Mobaxterm Free Download For Windows 8.1 Windows 8 1 64 Bit

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Mobaxterm Download Windows


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