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Jdk 6.1 0 Free Download

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New Features, Known Issues, and Support Information for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1.0


Release notes for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1.0.
Welcome to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. As you become familiar with the newest version of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, these Release Notes provide you with information about new features, newly-resolved issues, and known issues. Use this document in conjunction with the entire JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 suite of documentation, available at
The changes documented in these release notes are relative to the previous release, 6.0.1. When upgrading from 6.0.0 please also refer to the 6.0.1 release notes for a complete list of changes.
To provide feedback on this document, file a bug at, using product JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, version 6.1.0, and component documentation-6.1.0_Release_Notes. For your convenience, you can use the following URL, which fills in the product, version, and component automatically:
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is Red Hat's response to significant changes in the way organizations develop and deploy enterprise applications. As organizations seek to lower operational costs and reduce time to market for new applications, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 has been rebuilt for a vision of the future, boasting an innovative modular, cloudy-ready architecture, powerful management and automation, and world class developer productivity.
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is Java EE 6 certified and features powerful yet flexible management, improved performance and scalability, and many new features to improve developer productivity. All with Red Hat's market-leading reputation for certification and support, ensuring your administration and development needs continue to drive forward into the future and beyond.
The following new features have been added in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1.0.
Global Valves in JBoss Web
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 offered the capability to configure a global valve for the web container. In 6.0 it was only possible to configure a valve on a single application basis. For JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 the global valve capability has been restored.
Improved Initial Context options for EJB Clients
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 provides a method to configure an InitialContext with a Map and create an EjbClientContext scoped to this particular InitialContext. The method also enables this configuration without dependencies on JBoss specific classes.
Passing Additional Information to the Authorization Module
In JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0 it was not possible to pass additional information to the authorization module, as Java EE Interceptors were not called until after the container interceptors, including the login module, were called. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 has added the capability to inject Java EE Interceptors into the container interceptor chain.
Security Context Propagation and User Switching
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 is providing Quickstarts to demonstrate to following capabilities:

Providing Feedback

  • ejb-security-interceptors - Demonstrates how interceptors can be used to switch the identity for EJB calls on a call by call basis.
  • ejb-security-interceptors - Demonstrates how Interceptors can now be injected into the server's interceptor chain to propagate security contexts from one EJB to another, and switch users of an EJB.
Enhanced System Property Substitution
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0.0 included property substitution as a capability of the attributes of the configuration, but the number of properties that were supported was limited. For JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 the number of attributes enabled for substitution has increased.
Deterministic Column Names with Hibernate
In earlier versions Hibernate was not using a deterministic algorithm to generate column aliases, limiting the benefit derived from the database cache. Aliases are now consistently named.
HornetQ In-Memory Message Replication
HornetQ now offers High Availability via in memory message replication in addition to the existing shared storage option.
Deployment Overlays
JBoss EAP now offers the capability to override the deployment descriptors provided with a deployment with alternative descriptors at deploy time.
The following configurations and features are known to have issues and are provided as tech previews only. They are not supported in a production environment.
HornetQ discovery via JGroups
HornetQ now offers dynamic discovery of server connection settings via UDP and JGroups.
WS-Trust/STS with JBoss Web Services
JBoss Web Services now exposes WS-Trust/STS capabilities from the underlying CXF implementation.
JBoss CLI Silent Mode
A 'Silent Mode' has been added to the CommandContext API for processes embedding the CLI.
Adding Modules with JBoss CLI
The CLI offers a new commands to add and remove modules.
Syslog Handler Configuration
EAP now provides a handler and configuration for the syslog protocol.
New Hibernate Batch Loading Algorithms
Hibernate has added two batch loading algorithms to the existing Legacy algorithm, Dynamic and Padded.
Hibernate - Improved Second Level Caching of Object References for Non-Mutable Data
Hibernate - Improved and Expanded Bytecode Enhancement Support
WS-AT/XA Bridge
The WS-AT/XA transaction bridge functionality is provided as a technology preview only, and is not supported in a production environment.
RestEasy validation with the Hibernate Validator
RestEasy now delivers a validation provider to support the Hibernate Validator delivered with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
Restored ServiceMBean helper classes
Module has been introduced to restore helper classes available in earlier versions of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that assist users in creating MBeans.
This feature enables a user to replace the JSF implementation provided with EAP with a user supplied JSF implementation.
JDBC Store for Transactions
JBoss Transactions can now be configured to use a JDBC database as it's store. This is enabled in the Transactions Subsystem by setting the following two attributes using the CLI tool.
  1. Set jdbc-store-datasource to the JNDI name for the data source to use.
The complete set of attributes is provided below.

Table 1. Transactions JDBC Store Properties

Set this to 'true' to enable the JDBC store for transactions.
The JNDI name of the JDBC datasource used for storage.
Drop and recreate the action store tables at launch. Optional, defaults to 'false'.
The prefix for the action store table names. Optional.
Drop and recreate the communication store tables at launch. Optional, defaults to 'false'.
The prefix for the communication store table names. Optional.
Drop and recreate the state store tables at launch. Optional, defaults to 'false'.
The prefix for the state store table names. Optional.
Some configurations that worked for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 are no longer supported. Please review them.
Infinispan API
The direct use of the Infinispan API is not supported in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Infinispan is used as an implementation detail for various clustering technologies internal to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Direct use of the Infinispan API requires a subscription to JBoss Data Grid.
IPv6 Limitations of JDK 6
The following IPv6 limitations are caused by JDK 6, and are not defects in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
  1. On Microsoft Windows Server, JDK 6 has only a partial IPv6 implementation. This implementation is not sufficient to run JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Full IPv6 support on Microsoft Windows Server requires JDK 7.
  2. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a bug in Oracle JDK 6 means that any address specified on a client (the network point establishing the connection) which contains a zone-id will fail. To use a zone-id, either upgrade to JDK 7, or use IcedTea/OpenJDK 6, which is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and does not exhibit this bug. For more information about the bug, refer to and
JPA 2.0 Context Propagation Outside of a JTA Transaction
The propagation of Extended Persistence Contexts (XPC) was not taking into account the existence of a transaction, with the XPC always being propagated. That behaviour is not in accordance with the JPA 2.0 specification. The handling of XPC has been modified so that when there is no transaction active the XPC's propagation is ignored and the bean being invoked has its own Persistence Context instead of the XPC.
If your application expects extended persistence contexts to be propagated outside of JTA transactions, you need to consider if your application needs to be modified. Refer to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Migration Guide for instructions on updating your application.
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 provided a system property (JBPAPP-923.alwaysPropagate) to enable this behaviour. This system property is not available in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
For more information about this decision, refer to
PicketLink IDM
The PicketLink IDM (Identity Management) is not supported in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
PicketLink STS
PicketLink STS (Security Token Service) is not supported in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
Tanuki Service Wrapper
The Tanuki Service Wrapper is not supported with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. More information can be found at
XA Recovery on Microsoft SQL Server 2008
XA recovery does not work with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R1. This features does work with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2. For more information refer to the following URLs:
XA Recovery on MySQL
The MySQL JDBC driver does not implement XA recovery properly. For more information refer to
JBoss OSGi
JBoss OSGi, an implementation of the OSGi specification, has been demoted from Technology Preview to Unsupported. For additional information refer to
NIO Connectors on HornetQ
NIO connectors are not supported on JBoss EAP 6.
The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 component matrix is available at the following location:

Apache Server (httpd) and Connectors

900363 - JK Status Manager does not work
Apache mod_jk includes a status manager API. When operations were run with it, the changes were not applied, whether initiated via the API or the JK Status Manager web interface. This was due to an error with shared memory synchronization. The root cause has now been fixed so that operations using the status manager now perform as expected.


900392 - Singleton Service could fail with 'IllegalStateException: JBAS010350: Expected result from singleton provider only, but instead received 0 results'
The SingletonService sometimes failed with the following output in the log:
The error occurred in the getValueRef method and was triggered when a view change occurred because the old master node was stopping and the new one was still starting. To resolve this, getValueRef has been changed to retry if no results are returned. The SingletonService now performs as expected.
920367 - ClusteredSingleSignOn ClassCastException with non-distributable apps
Refer to
901028 - CLONE AS7-5688 ISPN000136: Execution error: java.lang.NullPointerException -> JBAS018079: Failed to passivate session
Refer to
947420 - Unable to acquire lock after [0 milliseconds] with session passivation on
Refer to


900849 - EAP6 CLI error when data is over 64k
Any CLI command which returned a String that was over 65535 characters in length would fail with the following error:
This was caused by the use of the method in the JBoss DMR library. This method throws a UTFDataFormatException if the string being processed is over 65535 characters in length. The JBoss DMR library was been updated to use an alternative technique to correctly process strings over this length. Any CLI command which returns a string over 65535 characters in length now performs as expected.


957171 - Client does not retry the invocation if a node is shutting down or undeploying and an EJB invocation reach the node in that state
Refer to
955506 - Connections not registered correctly for inner TX when Outer TX is suspended,
Refer to
928922 - [AS7-6526] It is difficult to identify an EJB Timer with the logged timer-id, especially if it is non persistent
Refer to
901203 - Remote EJB invocations are read/written out one byte at a time
Refer to


900359 - CLONE - Create subsystem for JMS bridge

See Full List On

Refer to
901137 - Server cannot be shutdowned gracefully when reconnect-attempts is set to -1
Refer to
901177 - HornetQ does not delete message from queue when the message is rolled back and the DLQ is not present
Refer to
913507 - OutOfMemory in SpecJMS2007 satellite driver
When NIO was enabled on a connector and a very high number of threads was active, an OutOfMemory error could occur. This occurred because NioWorker was not shutdown correctly and so the threads and the memory they were using was not released. The underlying problem with thread handling has been corrected, reducing the risk of an OutOfMemory error.
It is recommended that the parameter 'use-nio-global-worker-pool' be enabled to minimize the risk of an OutOfMemory error. An example connector configuration is as follows:
NIO connectors are not supported on JBoss EAP 6.
919446 - Replicated journal - Running out of disk space after continuous backup/live switching.
Refer to


957838 - An exception ' Fields were never written' occurs when FacesMessage object is serialized in JBoss EAP 6.
The deserialization of FacesMessage objects would throw an exception ( in some circumstances. This occurred because the ObjectOutputStream's defaultWriteObject() or writeFields() methods were not invoked during serialization as required by the JSF specification. These methods are now correctly called during serialization and the deserialization of FacesMessage objects now works as expected.
901266 - @PreDestroy not called on view scoped managed bean
The memory used by JSF ViewScoped beans was not being reclaimed in some circumstances, resulting in the memory used by the application server increasing over time (a 'memory leak'). This was because the @PreDetroy method of these beans was not being called when their sessions expired. The JavaServer Faces implementation in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 has been updated to Mojarra 2.1.16 which resolves this issue. When session expiration occurs, the @PreDestroy method each of ViewScoped managed bean is now invoked correctly and the resources allocated to each bean is reclaimed.

Scripts and Commands

900518 - Jdr script utility isn't able to connect to localhost:9990 at all
Refer to


910322 - Cannot add security role to security-setting using CLI
When adding a security-role using the CLI or API, it was required that the user specify both the roles that it should have, and all the roles that it should not. This was because the :add operation for this resource did not have default values for these parameters. These parameters now default to false. Adding a role now only requires that you specify the roles that the security-role must have by setting them to true. All other roles default to false.


901061 - Need similar 'DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy' configuration in EAP 6 Web Subsystem
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 did not recompile source JSPs on redeployment unless they were newer than the associated java or class files. Earlier versions of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 did not contain the code to remove the java and class files on undeployment. This meant that if a user attempted to restore sources from an older version of a webapp, the .java and .class files were not removed which prevented the JSPs from being recompiled. The corresponding code has now been added to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and can be activated through the system property The default for this property is false. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 users can now use this property to remove .java and .class files to ensure that JSP sources are recompiled.
905165 - Method expression parameters causes NPE/MethodNotFoundException
An Expression Language (EL) method in a JSF page with any arguments set to the value of null cause an exception (NullPointerException) to be thrown when invoked. This occurred because the JBoss Web EL parser did not handle the case of an argument being a null value. JBoss Web has been updated to properly handle null values in method expressions. Invoking an EL methods with a null parameter now performs as expected.

Apache Server (httpd) and Connectors

900620 - APR natives are not being loaded if UAC is in place (Windows Server 2008 R2)
On Windows servers, Apache portable runtime (APR) libraries will fail to load unless a user with administration rights is being used with User Account Control (UAC) disabled.


901164 - Stale session data received after failover, sessions are lost
Refer to
900707 - Property substition breaks when the string 'localhost' is used as part of the default value
Property substitution does not work correctly when the string localhost was used as part of a default value in the JGroups subsystem configuration. Property substitution is a feature provided for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 subsystems. However not all subsystems have it enabled, and some subsystems (like JGroups) actually do some of their own substitution. However this behaviour is not standardised and differs from the supported subsystem properties. Red Hat recommends not to use property substitution with the JGroups subsystem until this issue is resolved.
900378 - CDI beans with SET replication trigger are not replicating
Due to a bug in the Weld component, the setAttribute method is not called correctly. This causes CDI beans with the SET replication trigger to fail to be replicated. The workaround is to use the SET_AND_NON_PRIMITIVE_GET trigger for these beans. This will be fixed in a future release.
900549 - transient 'WeldListener: java.lang.NullPointerException' with clustering and session replication
A WeldListener: java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown occasionally. The client receives a HTTP response 503, along with the exception text. The cause of this bug is under investigation.
900483 - CLONE - Stale session data received when using DIST SYNC on node shutdown
During testing, a few cases showed that stale session data was received when a node shut down and DIST SYNC or DIST ASYNC cache mode was used. This issue is still under investigation.
959753 - DIST SYNC: Service jboss.infinispan.web.default-host/XY won't start after node restart with 'Initial state transfer timed out'
Refer to


959216 - Cannot send larger messages using Stomp protocol

Installing The Software Bundle

Refer to
959616 - Deadlock during clean shutdown of backup during activation
An JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 server that is configured as a HornetQ backup server will fail to shutdown in the following situation:
  • Message-Driven Beans are locally deployed on the server, and
  • the shutdown command is performed during the server’s activation.
In this scenario the shutdown will result in a deadlock that prevents the shutdown process from completing. Once deadlocked, the server must be forcibly terminated. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 this can be done using the kill -9 command.
To avoid this situation, only attempt to shutdown the server before or after activation, and not during the journal loading process.
959789 - HQ core bridge does not failover
Refer to
928400 - pageSize >= maxSize causing inappropriate server state
Refer to
912653 - Clone: Remote JNDI is not working with a HornetQ-only JMS bridge
Refer to
922184 - Replicated journal - NullPointerException on backup side when saving add/commit message to non-existing journal
Refer to
928288 - Replicated Journal - Illegal backup state if network failures present while initial journal replication from live
Refer to
899966 - Problem with Netty on IPv6 link-local addresses
Due to a JDK bug, if you use link local addresses, zone IDs are used to distinguish which interface is chosen. This problem does not affect global addresses. A workaround will be included in a future version of the Netty component.

Scripts and Commands

965315 - jboss-ec2-eap timeout of user script does not work properly
The timeout feature implemented in the user script on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform's AMI images does not work. If a command in the user script hangs, this will prevent the virtual machine booting successfully. The timeout feature was intended to allow the virtual machine to continue to boot, regardless of a hung user script commmand, allowing diagnostics to be carried out on the user script. The cause of this problem is that the Bash shell does not support job control in non-interactive shells and this feature is required by the timeout implemented in the user script. No workaround is currently available but it is expected to be resolved in the next release.
956281 - Starting EAP 6.1 on 32bit jvm can result in failure to start JVM
On Windows 8 32-bit JVMs, the default max perm gen space setting causes the JVM to not be created, which then prevents the server from starting. To work around this issue, remove the -XX:MaxPermSize=256m parameter from the startup parameters of the JVM. Once this is done the JVM will be created, and the server will start. › en › topicFree java 6.1 download Download - java 6.1 download for Windows
916960 - Standalone.bat does not work if parentheses are on path to EAP.
This release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 has a known issue with the Windows installer and installations to a default directory containing parentheses. For example; C: Program Files (x86)jboss-eap-6.1.
In these circumstances the standalone.bat file may fail with a message jboss-eap-6.1 was unexpected at this time.
This is because the DOS processor interprets the ending parenthesis in the 'echoed' JBoss path name as the end of the preceding if statement.
  1. Open the JBOSS_HOMEbinstandalone.bat file in an editor.
  2. Add double-quotes around the %JBOSS_HOME% variable:
This will ensure the parenthesis are interpreted correctly and the standalone.bat will execute successfully.


920160 - Unauthorized access to a web application protected with a custom authorization module results in HTTP 200 (OK) instead of HTTP 403 (Forbidden)
Refer to
963277 - Debugging Java Security Managers results in a StackOverflow on boot
Running with a security manager enabled and results in a StackOverflow error message and an unbootable JBoss Enterprise Application Platform instance. This problem is caused because the AccessControllercontext’s debug output to the System streams causes an infinite loop while checking permissions. The root cause of this problem has been identified and it is expected to be fixed in a future release.

Apache Server (httpd) and Connectors,Documentation

Why Do I Need Java Why Do

900580 - httpd: file too short
Apache portable runtime (APR) binaries are not natively packaged as part of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, or JBoss Enterprise Web Server, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Symlinks are used to reference the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux libraries. This can result in an issue with unresolvable symlinks when trying to use APR binaries if the following packages are not installed: apr, apr-util, apr-devel, apr-util-devel.
The fix for this issue will be shipped in a future Red Hat Enterprise Linux APR update.


927895 - META-INF 'Dependencies: services' doesn't work for CDI Portable extensions
A Known Issue exists in this release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 wherein deployments with dependencies on CDI Portable Extensions delivered within modules will fail to deploy with the following exception:
This is because deployments do not load CDI Portable Extensions from modules declared as dependencies.
In order for an application to load a CDI Portable Extension defined in a extension JBoss Module, it is not sufficient for the application to declare a dependency on the extension JBoss Module. The application must also declare a dependency on the Portable Extension class in its META-INF/services/javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Extension file.


928444 - Unable to start CLI on windows if parent directory of aesh.log doesn't exist
The CLI tool fails to launch if the parent directory of its log file does not exist. The CLI throws an exception ( IOException) with with following error message.
To avoid this error, ensure that the specified directory exists before launching the CLI tool.


900480 - CLONE - Extremely slow response times in Remote EJB invocation on cluster membership change
On server shutdown or crash, membership changes can take up to one minute to complete. This issue is currently under investigation.


923836 - remote:// protocol does not work over SSL with IBM JDK
There is a Known Issue in this release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 wherein the remote naming lookup fails intermittently on an IBM JDK with the following exception:
This issue appears to present when the client uses the IBM JDK. In instances where the server is on the IBM JDK and the and the client uses another JDK, the issue does not present.
The issue is being investigated for a resolution.


962734 - IOException during EJB invocation causes a hang
If a server-side EJB protocol receiver received invalid message headers from a client, a message similar to the following would be logged, and the client would hang.
When the invalid message header is received and logged, the EJB protocol receiver did not re-enrol itself on the channel, so it would not respond to any further messages. The client would be left waiting for a response which would never be sent because the original message was not processed by the server. No workaround is known for this issue but it is expected to be fixed in a future release.

EJB,Transaction Manager

952746 - Fix transaction recovery failures involving remote EJB resource
Refer to


900321 - HHH-7287 Problem in caching proper natural-id-values when obtaining result by naturalIdQuery using NaturalIdLoadAccess
NaturalIdLoadAccess behaves inconsistently when trying to load entities from the Level Two(L2) Cache after an update of their natural-id values from a non-transactional scenario.
Hibernate currently does not support proper L2 caching of entities with natural IDs in scenarios where there is a mix of transactional and non-transactional access to the database.

IPv6 support

900564 - Wrong format of IPv6 addresses in log entries
IPv6 addresses should be formatted with square brackets ([ and ]) around them, such as in http://[2620:52:0:105f::ffff:2]:9990. The brackets are missing in the log files for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in a future release.
900609 - Opened IPv4 sockets on Windows when server is bound to IPv6
If JBoss Enterprise Application 6 is started in Microsoft Windows server with the IPv4 stack disabled and the IPv6 stack enabled, IPv4 sockets are still opened. This issue is still under investigation.


952277 - disable xa-data-source causes that>Revision HistoryRevision 0.0-24Fri June 5 2015
Added note that NIO connectors are not supported.
Revision 0.0-22Wed Sep 10 2014
BZ-968592: Removed now incorrect sentence about not being able to directly use the Infinispan API.
Revision 0.0-20Thu May 23 2013
EAP 6.1.0 GA Release
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