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Happy Birthday Song Lyrics In English Download

I was sitting in Bistrot des Artistes, a trendy Parisian bar, with my husband and our friend visiting from the States, when the lights went out and a chorus of “Joyeux anniversaire” (“Happy Birthday”) promptly broke out.

My husband started singing at the top of his lungs.

I poked him, begging him to stop since we were certainly not part of whoever’s birthday party it was, and exchanged embarrassed looks with my American friend.

Happy birthday song lyrics in english download free

My husband just laughed and said, “No, you don’t get it! We are singing ‘Joyeux anniversaire’ because the lights went out.”

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Happy birthday and May God bless you. Wishing you a very wonderful birthday. May your life be sweet as honey. May your ways be straightened and may the good Lord guide you through life. I can only thank God for making our paths to cross. You’re such a wonderful person with a lowly heart. Happy birthday to you jee Happy birthday to you jee. Kaisee lagee tumko meri philsophy. Paidaa hok bhee tumne aisa kya kiya hai. Dharti pe bhoj tum bane ho jee. Happy birthday to you but you see but you see. Umr chupaane ka naam hai zindagi. Mujko bulaao na bulaao par bataana ye birthday waalaa song hindi me. Happy happy birthday to you (x4) May my prayers bring you this. That all your desires are fulfilled. May the happiness of the world be yours. This is the only wish of mine. If you give me one sign I will rob my life for you (do anything for you) I'll make your dreams a reality. I wish you happy happy birthday.

Yes, this a thing that the French really do when something goes wrong in a public place.

And unless you want to get caught off guard like my fellow American and me, you’ll brush up on the French “Happy Birthday” song below!

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Happy Birthday Song Lyrics In English Download Mp3

Reasons to Learn the French Birthday Song

Apart from singing at friends’ birthday parties and being able to participate in public scenes such as the one above like a true native, there are many reasons to learn the “Happy Birthday” song in French.

For starters, there are actually several different versions of the song.

This means that there are many different French lessons to be learned from it.

For example, some of the versions are great for practicing French pronunciation of difficult letter combinations.

Others are a fantastic way to brush up on different grammar lessons.

Lastly, just about all of the versions expose you to useful vocabulary. With this in mind, let’s get to celebrating with the various French “Happy Birthday” songs!

Version #1: “Joyeux anniversaire”

“Joyeux anniversaire” is the simplest and probably most commonly sung version of the French “Happy Birthday” song, and therefore the perfect one with which to start learning.

It is extremely similar to its English counterpart, with the same basic structure and tune. The lyrics and their translation are as follows:

Joyeux anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire (nom de la personne fêtée)
Joyeux anniversaire

Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday (name of the person being celebrated)
Happy birthday

It is worth mentioning that joyeux can be used in place of “joyful,” “merry” or “cheerful” in addition to “happy,” depending on the context. We should also note that occasionally French speakers substitute bon (good) for joyeux in this version.

It is equally worth briefly explaining the use of anniversaire (birthday). While it is most commonly used to talk about one’s birthday, it can also be used to denote “anniversary” if you turn it into a phrase with context.

For example, you can say “notre anniversaire de marriage” (our wedding anniversary) or “l’anniversaire de la Bataille de Waterloo” (the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo).

In regards to pronunciation, this song can help you practice sounds that the letter combinations eux and oy make in French, as in the word joyeux. Both sounds can be a bit tougher for language learners, so pay special attention to them.

You will also need to form a liaison between the words joyeux and anniversaire, which is a great way for French learners to develop this habit.


Essentially, a liaison is when you pronounce the ending consonant of one word immediately before the following word’s vowel sound.

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Version #2: “Joyeux anniversaire, heureux anniversaire”

This French version of “Happy Birthday” is one of the two with more in-depth lyrics.

The tune is the same traditional one we all know and love, and the song and its translation go as follows:

Joyeux anniversaire
Heureux anniversaire
Tous nos vœux sont sincères
Pour ton anniversaire
Tes amis aujourd’hui
Se sont tous réunis
Ton bonheur on l’espère
Pour ton anniversaire

Joyful birthday
Happy birthday
All of our most sincere wishes
For your birthday
Your friends today
Are all gathered
We wish for happiness
For your birthday

This version is a great way to continue practicing French liaisons, as you will need to make them when you say joyeux anniversaire (joyful birthday), heureux anniversaire (happy birthday), tonanniversaire (your birthday) and tes amis (your friends).

Aside from liaisons, you will also find yourself exposed to a lot of French possessives like nos vœux (our wishes), ton anniversaire (your birthday), tes amis (your friends) and ton bonheur (your happiness).


To listen to the lyrics, try YouTuber incognitoct’s video and learn some good pronunciation.

Version #3: Bon anniversaire, nox vœux les plus sincères”

Though it may look similar to the above version, this “Happy Birthday” song has some very different lyrics.

The song contains the following lyrics and translation:

Bon anniversaire, nos vœux les plus sincères
Que ces quelques fleurs vous apportent le bonheur
Que l’année entière vous soit douce et légère
Et que l’an fini, nous soyons tous réunis
Pour chanter en choeur “Bon anniversaire”

Happy birthday, our most sincere wishes
That these few flowers will bring you happiness
That the entire year will be sweet and light for you
And that at the end of the year, we will all be gathered
To sing together “Happy birthday”

First off, this song gives you a great guide to the pronunciation of words with –ère like sincères (sincere), entière (entire) and légère (light).


Secondly, you will start to get an idea of when and how to use the subjunctive tense, which is typically the most difficult one for learners.

For example, vous soit douce et legère (it will be sweet and light for you) and nous soyons tous réunis (we will all be reunited) both contain the subjunctive form of être (to be).

Lastly, you will learn some very useful vocabulary like apporter (to carry), le bonheur (happiness) and lesvœux (wishes).

You can listen to the song on YouTuber claycrazyr2’s video to get an idea of the tune.

Version #4: Bonne fête à toi”

This final version is sung to the traditional birthday tune and is actually the québécois (Quebec) French “Happy Birthday” song.

It is very basic and goes as follows:

Bonne fête à toi
Bonne fête à toi
Bonne fête à (nom de la personne fêtée)
Bonne fête à toi

Good party for you
Good party for you
Good party for (name of the person being celebrated)
Good party for you

First off, this version is great for gaining exposure to québécois French, which is a good idea, as it has over six million speakers and is an important part of the language not to be overlooked.

Secondly, it is worth noting why one uses bonne fête (good party), rather than bon like in bon anniversaire (good birthday).

The reason is simple: You must remember to make your adjective (in this case, bon)agree with the gender it is describing.Here, anniversaire is masculine and fête is feminine, so you must change bon accordingly. This is a great reminder for learners!

Lastly, it is important to note that fête can be used to denote “party,” “festival” or “holiday” depending on the context. For example, you say la fête de la Toussaint (All Saint’s Day).

Bonus Birthday Words & Phrases

To wrap things up, take a look at the following useful birthday words and phrases.

Felicitations ! — Congratulations!

Quel age avez-vous ? / Quel age as-tu ? — How old are you? (formal/informal)

C’est quand vôtre anniversaire ? — When is your birthday?

Meilleurs vœux ! — Best wishes!

L’invitation — the invitation

La gâteau — the cake

Le cadeau — the present

Célebrer — to celebrate

Fêter — to party

With this knowledge, you’re now ready to attend a French birthday party or just sing when the lights go out. Let the good times roll!

Camille Turner is an experienced freelance writer and ESL teacher.

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