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Download Songs For Rock Band Xbox 360

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For music credits, visit Compatible with Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz. $1.99 Download to Xbox 360 'More Than Words' - Extreme. Extra step: To export to RB2 repeat step 1 through 10, and then open the 'Rock Band 2 (360) tab, and press 'Create CON files'. Second extra step: To convert the CON file to PS3 or Wii/U, use the PS3 converter or the Wii converter in C3 Custom Tools, and install as usual (by console method).

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The Rock Band series of music video games supports downloadable songs for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions through the consoles' respective online services. Users can download songs on a track-by-track basis, with many of the tracks also offered as part of a 'song pack' or complete album at a discounted rate.[1] All songs that are available to Rock Band 3 are playable in Rock Band Blitz.


Rock Band 4 was unveiled in March 2015, and released on October 6, 2015.[2][3]

List of songs released in 2021

The following table lists the available songs for the Rock Band series released in 2021. All songs available in packs are also available as individual song downloads on the same date, unless otherwise noted. Dates listed are the initial release of songs on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Starting from October 6, 2015, all music added to the downloadable content catalog is exclusive to Rock Band 4. In addition, due to changes in the charting format and gameplay of Rock Band 4, the released songs no longer support keyboard or Pro guitar and bass (future downloadable content will continue to support vocal harmonies and Pro drum charts), and most songs no longer display 'family friendly' or 'supervision recommended' ratings. Downloadable content from previous Rock Band titles (excepting The Beatles: Rock Band) is forward-compatible in Rock Band 4 within the same system family (Xbox 360 downloads are usable in the Xbox One version and PlayStation 3 downloads are usable in the PlayStation 4 version) at no additional cost.[4]

Song titleArtistYearGenreSingle / Pack nameRelease dateFamily FriendlyAdditional Rock Band 3 Features
'Anthem Part Two'Blink-1822001PunkSingleJan 7, 2021N/AN/A
'Hanging by a Moment'Lifehouse2000RockSingleJan 7, 2021N/AN/A
'Let The Games Begin'[lower-alpha 1]Anarbor2010AlternativeSingleJan 14, 2021N/AN/A
'bloody valentine'Machine Gun Kelly2020AlternativeSingleJan 14, 2021N/AN/A
'All Downhill from Here'New Found Glory2004PunkNew Found Glory 01Jan 21, 2021N/AN/A
'Greatest of All Time'New Found Glory2020PunkNew Found Glory 01Jan 21, 2021N/AN/A
'My Friends Over You'New Found Glory2002PunkNew Found Glory 01Jan 21, 2021N/AN/A
'To the Stage'[lower-alpha 1]Asking Alexandria2011MetalSingleJan 28, 2021N/AN/A
'Visitor'Of Monsters and Men2020AlternativeSingleJan 28, 2021N/AN/A
'Sick, Sick, Sick'[lower-alpha 1]Bayside2011AlternativeSingleFeb 4, 2021N/AN/A
'ily (i love you baby)'Surf Mesa ft. Emilee2019Pop/Dance/ElectronicSingleFeb 4, 2021N/AN/A
'Take Me Home, Country Roads'John Denver1971CountrySingleFeb 4, 2021N/AN/A
'Let My Love Open the Door'Pete Townshend1980New WaveSingleFeb 11, 2021N/AN/A
'The Bad Touch'Bloodhound Gang1999Pop/Dance/ElectronicSingleFeb 11, 2021N/AN/A
'Fatal Illusion'Megadeth2016MetalSingleFeb 18, 2021N/AN/A
'Smash the Control Machine'[lower-alpha 1]Otep2009MetalSingleFeb 18, 2021N/AN/A
'Dreamchaser'[lower-alpha 1]Amberian Dawn2008MetalSingleFeb 25, 2021N/AN/A
'Help I'm Alive'Metric2009AlternativeSingleFeb 25, 2021N/AN/A
'Superman'Goldfinger1997Reggae/SkaSingleMar 4, 2021N/AN/A
'Younger Lungs'[lower-alpha 1]Less Than Jake2012Reggae/SkaSingleMar 4, 2021N/AN/A
'Demon Woman'[lower-alpha 1]Flight of the Conchords2009NoveltySingleMar 11, 2021N/AN/A
'Good Morning Tucson'[lower-alpha 1]Jonathan Coulton2011RockSingleMar 11, 2021N/AN/A
'Alaska'[lower-alpha 1]Between the Buried and Me2005MetalSingleMar 18, 2021N/AN/A
'The Order'[lower-alpha 1]Children of Nova2009ProgSingleMar 18, 2021N/AN/A
'Aspiration'[lower-alpha 1]After the Burial2009MetalSingleMar 25, 2021N/AN/A
'Way Less Sad'AJR2021Pop-RockSingleMar 25, 2021N/AN/A
'My Ex's Best Friend'Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear2020AlternativeSingleApr 1, 2021N/AN/A
'Leaderless and Self Enlisted'[lower-alpha 1]Norma Jean2010MetalSingleApr 1, 2021N/AN/A
'Dear Maria, Count Me In'All Time Low2007EmoSingleApr 8, 2021N/AN/A
'The One You Want'[lower-alpha 1]The Get Up Kids2004RockSingleApr 8, 2021N/AN/A
'Mindreader'A Day to Remember2021PunkA Day to Remember 01Apr 15, 2021N/AN/A
'Paranoia'A Day to Remember2016PunkA Day to Remember 01Apr 15, 2021N/AN/A
'Resentment'A Day to Remember2021PunkA Day to Remember 01Apr 15, 2021N/AN/A
'Therefore I Am'Billie Eilish2020Pop/Dance/ElectronicSingleApr 22, 2021N/AN/A
'Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse'[lower-alpha 1]of Montreal2007Indie RockSingleApr 22, 2021N/AN/A
'Running With The Wild Things'Against The Current2016Pop-RockSingleApr 29, 2021N/AN/A
'Tree Village'[lower-alpha 1]Dance Gavin Dance2009Indie RockSingleApr 29, 2021N/AN/A
'Kokko - Eagle of Fire'[lower-alpha 1]Amberian Dawn2009MetalSingleMay 6, 2021N/AN/A
'Self Destructor'Chevelle2021RockSingleMay 6, 2021N/AN/A
'Someone to You'BANNERS2019AlternativeSingleMay 13, 2021N/AN/A
'Miracle'[lower-alpha 1]Nonpoint2010RockSingleMay 13, 2021N/AN/A
'All Bodies'[lower-alpha 1]Between the Buried and Me2005MetalSingleMay 20, 2021N/AN/A
'Cheyne Stokes'[lower-alpha 1]Chelsea Grin2010MetalSingleMay 20, 2021N/AN/A
'Who Do You Love?'George Thorogood & the Destroyers1978Classic RockSingleMay 27, 2021N/AN/A
'Wild Thing'The Troggs1966RockSingleMay 27, 2021N/AN/A
'Shipwrecked'[lower-alpha 1]Alestorm2011MetalSingleJun 3, 2021N/AN/A
'Heat Waves'Glass Animals2020AlternativeSingleJun 3, 2021N/AN/A
'What's Left Of Me'[lower-alpha 1]Blessthefall2009AlternativeSingleJun 10, 2021N/AN/A
'And So It Went'The Pretty Reckless ft. Tom Morello2021RockSingleJun 10, 2021N/AN/A
'The Complexity of Light'[lower-alpha 1]Children of Nova2009ProgSingleJun 17, 2021N/AN/A
'Follow You'Imagine Dragons2021AlternativeSingleJun 17, 2021N/AN/A
'Astronaut in the Ocean'Masked Wolf2019Hip-Hop/RapSingleJun 24, 2021N/AN/A
'Astronaut in the Ocean'Our Last Night2021MetalSingleJun 24, 2021N/AN/A
'Rich Girl'Hall & Oates1976Pop-RockSingleJul 1, 2021N/AN/A
'All My Favorite Songs'Weezer2021AlternativeSingleJul 1, 2021N/AN/A
'Too Little Too Late'[lower-alpha 1]A Skylit Drive2011AlternativeSingleJul 8, 2021N/AN/A
'Comfort Eagle'Cake2001AlternativeSingleJul 8, 2021N/AN/A
'Roll the Dice'[lower-alpha 1]Damone2008RockSingleJul 15, 2021N/AN/A
'Rats'Ghost2018MetalSingleJul 15, 2021N/AN/A
  1. was previously released as part of the Rock Band Network.

Upcoming songs

The following songs have been confirmed for release:

Song titleArtistYearGenreSingle / Pack nameRelease date


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  • Official Rock Band series song list - Additional information for all songs featured in the Rock Band series.

Green Day

Well, my Rock Band 360 finally gave out, and I still haven't found a reasonably priced PDP adapter, so all parties and all drumming remains a RB3 affair. This puts me in a bit of a pickle.

I moved all my DLC over from the old xbox to the new, but turns out, even after a license transfer you have to re-download everything to have offline play. (the Xbox is used for parties where connectivity isn't always available). I managed to go through the 22 or so pages on the marketplace and redownload everything marked previously purchased.

As far as I can tell, this seems to have worked for nearly all my content, including most delisted songs, with the exception of They Say by Scars on Broadway and the I'm With the Chili peppers pack. Oddly things like Little Fish and Electric Six redownloaded fine, but those were nowhere to be found.

The larger issue is that all 100 or so of my RBN songs are nowhere to be found in the marketplace, and other than a tweet linking the dead harmonix forums saying that Harmonix and MS sorted it out and people can still redownload them that was posted last summer, I can't find anything conclusive on how I would go about redownloading my already purchased RBN DLC.


Any ideas, guys? Thanks!

Rock Band - Uncyclopedia, The Content-free Encyclopedia

Edit: I should clarify that this post is speaking exclusively in terms of the Xbox 360 marketplace. My Xbox one has all my dlc that made it to the new platform, and I know the RBN stuff never made it there. We use the 360 (and hopefully, the new 360 I bought) for our rock band parties due to being drummers that didn't have enough foresight to buy the PDP adapter before we had ekits.

Rock Band 3 Free Songs

Edit 2: After a bit of work with support, the awesome folks at Xbox support were able to flip some magic switches on their end that registered all my DLC as being associated with my new console serial/ID. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact them, let them know you moved boxes and want to play offline, and ask if they can update the DLC for you since it's not available for download any longer. Cheers!

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