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Download Photos From Phone To Flash Drive

Welcome to the Google Photos Help Forum. Here are the steps that would help you to download photos from the Google Photos and then save them to your flash drive: Go to Google Photos. Select the photos. Click on More options. Select Download. Once done, you can move the photos from your device to the flash drive. How To Download Pictures To A Flash Drive From Android Phone; How To Download Pictures To A Flash Drive Easy Steps; How To Put Pictures On Flash Drive; If you need your files to be stored somewhere outside of your Windows 10 computer for safekeeping, a flash drive is a good option. Follow these simple steps to copy files to or from a flash. Feb 21, 2020 If so, you should be able to download your photos to the PC and then drag and drop them to the USB drive. Here are the steps you need to download photos: Set up and use iCloud Photos on your Windows PC 'Download your photos and videos from iCloud Photos. New photos and videos you add to iCloud Photos will automatically download to your PC. Download and install it on your computer, connect your iPhone with it via USB cable, after that, select 'Manage' from the top menu. Then click ‘Photo’ in the left sidebar, choose the photos you want to export. Tap on the 'Export' button and select your USB flash drive. After knowing the fastest and simplest method, next we introduce other. The app is the ultimate solution for memory expansion on iOS device. It's provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without Wi-Fi, network signal. Compatible with virtually all devices featuring a Lightning connector, this ultra-slim and fast flash drive enables users to seamlessly transfer, view.


How to download photos from phone

Plenty of photos on your Android phone and now you want to transfer them to your USB flash drive? Sound complicated, right? Don't fret yourself, for this article will tell you 3 useful approaches. All of them will work out your nuisance effortlessly.

If someone asks you how to transfer photos from an Android phone to a USB flash drive, you can also share these ways with them.

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from the Android Phone to USB with Android Backup Software

How to put pictures on a flash drive from a phone? Don't worry. Just read this section. This Android backup software - Samsung Messages Backup is capable of finishing the photos transfer in a fast way. What's more, it can move all the photos from Android to the flash drive in 1 click.

Hallmarks of the Android photos transfer program:

- Directly transfer photos from the Android phone to the flash drive;

- Support kinds of image formats, such as JEPG, WEBP, PNG, and more;

- Allow you to preview your Android photos on the interface before performing transfer;

- Support to take snapshots of your Android screen on the computer.

- Help you manage your photos with multiple features, like creating/deleting albums, moving/copying photos, and etc.;

- Also, support to transfer text messages, contacts, videos, music, apps, and more from Android to the computer.

Download Photos From Iphoto To Flash Drive

Additionally, this software has excellent compatibility with Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8, Google Pixel 4a/4 XL/4/3a XL/3a/3, OPPO A91/A52/A31/A9, OnePlus Nord/8 Pro/8T/8/7T Pro/7T/7 Pro/7/6T, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC, Vivo, and so on.

Download photos from phone to pc

Download the Android picture manager for free below.

How do I transfer pictures from my Android phone to a flash drive:

Step 1. Download and Install the Program

First of all, please download and install the software on the computer. Then run it on the desktop.

Step 2. Connect Android and Flash Drive to PC

Flash Drive To Download Photos From Phone

Please insert your USB drive into the PC and link the Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. To make a successful connection, please enable the USB debugging mode on the phone.

Step 3. Send Photos from Android to Flash Drive

- Once connected, please click the 'Super Toolkit' tab and the 'Backup' option. Then select the 'Photos' category on the pop-up window, and choose your flash drive as the backup location.

- Next, tap the 'Back Up' icon to begin transfer all the photos. The photos will appear on your USB drive after finished.

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Part 2: How Do I Transfer Pictures from My Android Phone to a Flash Drive via a USB OTG Cable Adaptor

If you do want to straight connect your Android phone and the flash drive, you will need a USB OTG cable adaptor. In general, it is a USB Type-C male to USB Type-A female adaptor. Please purchase a suitable connector according to your Android phone. By the way, you can buy the adaptor on Amazon.

How to transfer photos from a phone to a flash drive via a USB adaptor:

Step 1. Connect Flash Drive to Android

Unlock your phone and connect the flash drive to it with an OTG cable adaptor. Then there is a prompt on your Android phone.

Step 2. Copy Photos from Android

Next, to select and copy the Android photos, please go to the file manager on your Android phone and navigate to the folder of photos. Then long press a photo to select what you want, and tap the 'Copy' icon.

Step 3. Paste Selected Pictures to Flash Drive

Now, enter your flash drive on the phone and make a new folder on it to paste the pictures. When the transferring process is done, please safely remove your flash drive.

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Part 3: How to Transfer Photos from a Phone to the Flash Drive via a Computer (Slowly)

The last way is slower than the first two, but it can achieve picture migration with the aid of a USB cable and a computer. At this point, it is the simplest solution.

How to transfer pictures from the phone to a flash drive via a computer:

How To Download Flash Drive To Computer

Step 1. Link the Phone to the Computer

Please connect your phone and the computer with a USB cable and select the 'MTP' option on your phone.

Step 2. Plug Drive to Computer

Then plug your USB flash drive into the same computer. The computer will detect it in a short time.

Step 3. Move Photos from Android to Flash Drive

- Double-click the 'This PC' icon and enter your Android phone to find the images you want. Then open your flash drive. At present, you can move the pictures to the flash drive via drag and drop.

Download Pictures From Flash Drive

Download pictures from iphone via usb

- If you select lots of images, it will need more time to complete.

Download Photos From Iphone Onto Flash Drive


That's all. With these 3 ways, it will be easy for you to solve the problem of how to transfer photos from Android to a flash drive. To save your valuable time, it is recommended that you choose the Android photo manager - Samsung Messages Backup. Furthermore, you can cope with pictures on the computer without hassle. As the saying goes, it can kill two birds with one stone. So, try it.

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