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Download Displaylink Driver For Windows 7

DisplayLink video drivers ver 6.3M1 for Windows 7/Vista/XP

  1. Displaylink Usb Graphics Software Windows
  2. Download Displaylink Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit

DisplayLink monitors can stop working with the latest (October 2015 or later) primary card graphic drivers on Windows 10. (20717) - The Start button or Microsoft apps might fail to operate on Windows 10 with DisplayLink software installed. Drivers & Downloads. Search for your device by product number to get drivers and downloads, manuals, documentation and other online support. Display Driver IC (DDIC). DisplayLink Downloads Page; Supported Operating Systems Individual Installers. Driver software download. To get a smooth start together with our video kits you will need to have the DisplayLink driver installed on your laptop. The driver for which is already on your computer if you have Windows 10 (1607) Anniversary Update or later. Drivers for other operating systems can be found here: Windows MacOS Linux.

Version: 6.3M1
Posted Date: 2012-08-06
Release Date: 2012-08-06
Other Versions
Download Displaylink Driver For Windows 7
Release Date:Version:
2013-04-087.2 M0
2013-01-227.1 M0
2012-12-177.0 M3
Applicable Models
Displaylink core driver
dynadock PA3541U-2PRP dynadock VGA
dynadock PA3542U-2PRP dynadock DVI
dynadock PA3575U-1PRP dynadock U
dynadock PA3686U-1SET dynadock wireless
dynadock PA3778U-1PRP dynadock V
dynadock PA3927U-1PRP dynadock U3.0
External Monitor PA3923U-1LC3 USB Monitor
External Monitor PA3923U-2LC3 USB Monitor
Displaylink graphics driver windows 10
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DisplayLink_6.3M1-release notes
DisplayLink Software Release: External Release Note
Software Package: DisplayLink Graphics
Product Version: 6.3.40662.0
Product Date: 31st July 2012
DisplayLink Core Software Version: 6.3.40660.0
DisplayLink Core Software Date: 30th July 2012
DisplayLink DL-3x00 Firmware Version:
A. Introduction
This is R6.3M1, the first maintenance release of R6.3. It has been put through
a full system test and is suitable for deployment to end-users.
DisplayLink Software Release R6.3M1 delivers the following features:
- Advanced configuration options for Ethernet
- Wake on Lan support
DisplayLink Software Release R6.3 delivers the following features:
- Improved Graphics rendering on DisplayLink screens when using a basic
graphics theme.
- Improved desktop layout experience on Windows 7 and Windows 8
- Support for DisplayPort to HDMI adapters with audio
- Critical bug fixes and compatibility improvements for all products
For further support and information about DisplayLink software, please visit
A1. Important notes about DL-3x00 Firmware
This software release contains an embedded firmware image. DL-3x00 devices will
be automatically upgraded with this firmware upon connection.
B. Contents
A. Introduction
A1. Important notes about DL-3x00 Firmware
B. Contents
C. New features
C1. Fixed issues since R6.2 (6.2.36607.0)
C2. Fixed issues since R6.3 (6.3.38355.0)
D. How to Install and Use
E. Supported Operating Systems
F. PC Recommended Specifications
G. Language Support
H. Supported Hardware
I. Known Issues and Limitations
C. New features
DisplayLink Software Release R6.3 delivers the following features:
- Improved Graphics rendering on DisplayLink screens when using a basic
graphics theme.
- Improved desktop layout experience on Windows 7 and Windows 8
- Support for DisplayPort to HDMI adapters with audio
- Critical bug fixes and compatibility improvements for all products
C1. Fixed issues since R6.2 (6.2.36607.0)
Occasionally on Windows 7, applying a layout change involving DisplayLink
screens can change the resolution of or turn off one or more screens. To
recover, press the Windows+P keys and select a different setting. (6010, 8741,
9768, 8618, 9956, 10739, 12300, 12715, 13166, 13167, 13226, 13296, 13334)
Video in Basic Mode does not work after a Windows Update. (1609, 3883)
On Windows 7/Vista WDDM Basic, video is not supported. It may work in some
cases but exhibits poor performance. It may stop working after an update from
Windows Update that affects the graphics subsystem. (2028)
On Vista and Windows 7 in Basic Mode, video will not play on DisplayLink
screens after installation until the PC is rebooted. In Aero mode no reboot
is needed before video will play. (4432)
Audio on DL3x00 devices is not automatically default when first connected to
Windows XP systems. (13511)
Some systems may not boot into Windows when DisplayLink device is connected.
USB 3 connection dropping to USB 2 during power state transitions with some
DL3x00 devices. (13769)
Occasionally after installation the Ethernet driver for the DisplayLink device
will not load. Unplug and replug to recover. (12050)
Sometimes changing mode or layout position of a DisplayLink monitor may fail
with a 'Cannot write to specific device' message in the system tray. To recover
replug the device. (13517)
All screens are black after several layout changes on some machines. (13550)
Wrong audio jack information. (13496)
Sometimes a DisplayLink monitor connected through DisplayPort may flash after
a resolution change. (13342)
On some Windows XP systems connecting a network cable to a DisplayLink device
causes the address bar of Windows Explorer to start blinking. (12568)
On some systems all displays may be black or flashing when resuming from
display power save. (13582)
Sometimes all screens are black after resuming from sleep. (13471)
DisplayPort monitor may remain black after being connected to a DisplayLink
device. (13577)
HDMI audio stops playing after some time. (13307)
Audio not available on DisplayPort monitors immediately after drivers
installation. (13580)
Ethernet on DL3x00 devices unreliable when connected to specific Gigabit
Ethernet switches. (13161)
Default volume on DL3x00 devices too high. (13608)
Optimized for Video option removed from Devices and Printers. (13746)
HDMI compliance timing fails at resolution 640 x [email protected] (13652)
On some systems using Renesas USB 3.0 host controller disconnecting the
DisplayLink device while playing video may cause system to hang for up to
2 minutes. System will automatically recover after that time. (13364)
Sometimes all monitors can get blank if trying to mirror two DisplayLink
monitors connected to the system. (13355)
Sometimes enabling previously switched off main monitor may cause all displays
to flicker. (13149)
Sometimes a blue screen can occur when disconnecting DisplayLink device while
having another monitor connected to laptop's main VGA/DVI port. (13256)
PowerDVD 12 crashes with DisplayLink software installed. (13668)
Ethernet connection dropping out under heavy load on 10Mb networks. (13688)
USBCV tests not passing (13879, 13896, 13878)
Occasional failure in resuming from sleep for DL3x00 devices. (13440)
Repeated replugging of certain Display Monitors can cause indeterminate
behaviour. (13581)
Failure to detect some hot swapped DVI monitors. (13597)
In particular circumstances a DL3x00 device can drop from SuperSpeed to High
Speed USB. (13769)
Fullscreen Direct X Metro applications will be software rendered on DisplayLink
and non-DisplayLink screens.
C2. Fixed issues since R6.3 (6.3.38355.0)
Issues fixed in R6.3M1
Blue screen on some systems when enabling previously disabled main laptop
screen while having DisplayLink monitor connected. (13835)
Cursor not drawn on DisplayLink display at logon prompt after resuming from
sleep or hibernation. (13777)
Screen corruption on rotated DisplayLink monitor in Basic Mode. (13971)
PC memory usage goes up when replugging the USB cable. (14064)
Blue screen when switching to Basic Mode while having main laptop's screen
disabled. (13969)
Blue screen on some ATI graphic cards while connecting/disconnecting
DisplayLink monitor. (14025)
Very poor performance when 'Optimize for Video' option is on. (14012)
Black screen on Windows 8 systems with nVidia GPUs. (14008, 14142)
On Windows 8 some systems with nVidia GPU may stall with DisplayLink monitor
plugged in. (14118)
Internet Explorer in Metro mode on Windows 8 is not working on systems with
nVidia Optimus GPU. (14140)
Machine may drop to Basic Mode after sleep/hibernate when main monitor is
disabled. (13970)
Desktop Windows Manager crashes after replugging DisplayLink device on
Windows 8. (13965)
After plugging a new DisplayLink DL-3xxx device firmware upgrade takes long
time having to retry several times. (14009)
Sometimes on machines with multiple DisplayLink monitors all screen can go
blank. (14190)
Sometimes replugging DisplayLink device with two monitors attached (one being
DisplayPort) will cause wrong resolutions to be applied. (14226)
On Windows 8 with some USB 3.0 host controllers DisplayLink monitor may
disconnect and reconnect spontaneously during video playback. (13992)
Connecting audio or Ethernet cable when computer is in sleep may cause it not
working after resume. (14013)
Sometimes DisplayPort monitor connected to DisplayLink device may go blank when
switching between mirror and extend modes. (13809)
Compatibility problems with nVidia Optimus GPU on Windows 8. (14141)
On some systems changing the layout of monitor can cause flickering and
'display driver stopped responding and has recovered' error message. (14136)
D. How to Install and use
Please find detailed guidance and information about how to install and use this
software in the DisplayLink Software User Guide:
Corporations can apply for a corporate install version at
For further support and information about DisplayLink software, please visit
There are some new USB graphics solutions becoming available on the market.
These drivers are not compatible with DisplayLink standard USB graphics
software. DisplayLink devices will not work correctly and could cause
computer instability. Any other USB graphics software should be uninstalled
before installing the DisplayLink standard USB graphics software.
E. Supported Operating Systems
This release can be installed on the following operating systems:
- Windows XP SP2 (32-bit edition only)
- Windows XP SP3 (32-bit edition only)
- Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
- Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
- Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
- Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
- Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
(This OS has received limited testing)
- Windows Server 2008 R2
(This OS has received limited testing)
Windows 2000 SP4 is supported by older versions of the DisplayLink software:
Video: video is supported in extend mode with most popular video players on
Windows XP and Windows 7/Vista in WDDM/Aero Mode. Video support is limited in
other configurations including mirror mode and Windows 7/Vista Basic Mode.
Installation on Windows Server is enabled, but untested. End users may try to
use DisplayLink on server editions, but these are not supported configurations.
F. PC Recommended Specifications
Please find detailed information about the minimum and recommended system
specifications needed to run this software in the DisplayLink
Software User Guide:
G. Language Support
Please find the complete list of languages supported by this software in the
DisplayLink Software User Guide:
H. Supported Hardware
Devices supported:
- DL-3100 / DL-3500 / DL-3700 / DL-3900
- DL115 / DL125 / DL165 / DL195
- DL120 / DL160
I. Known Issues and Limitations
System behaviour with DisplayLink attached screens has been well tested.
Testing covers plug/unplug, mode changes, playing video, hibernate,
sleep/standby, multiple users, different user rights, attached screen as
primary screen, attached screen as only screen, and other aspects.
Some use cases may exhibit minor issues, general troubleshooting
recommendations are:
- detach then reattach the DisplayLink device's USB cable
- change display settings using DL-GUI
- change display settings using WDP
- ensure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your system GPU
For information about specific issues please see the DisplayLink support
Export Control and EULA
Use of any software made available for download from this system constitutes your acceptance of the Export Control Terms and the terms in the Dynabook end-user license agreement both of which you can view before downloading any such software.