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1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download

Birthday is a big deal, and the happy birthday song can spice up the party tune.

Enjoy from over 30 Lakh Hindi, English, Bollywood, Regional, Latest, Old songs and more. Create and Listen to your playlist, like and share your favorite music on the Wynk Music app. Happy Birthday Songs Song - Download Happy Birthday Songs mp3 song free online. Happy Birthday Songs music album. Happy Birthday Songs movie songs download list. Oct 27, 2015 9 Happy Birthday - Hindi Song - Lallu Ram - 05:32. 10 Happy Birthday Hindi Song Lallu Ram - 01:36. 11 Happy Birthday My Sweety Hearts Only You My Love On My Special Day - 07:21. 12 Happy Birthday Romantic - 04:45. 13 Happy Birthday Song Happy Birthday - 01:22. 14 Happy Birthday Song To My Husband - 02:17.

Here’s a handpicked list of more than 200 birthday songs for you to celebrate thespecial moment.

You’ll find out everything about the original happy birthday song, learn birthday song in different languages, and download Happybirthday song for adult, dad, mom, kids, etc. Also you’ll get thehappy birthday sheet music for different instruments. Be sure to checkthebirthday song download site in the end of the post.

Free Music Site Map Free Dance music mp3 downloads. Hand searched, picked, promoted indie dance music safe legal easy to download. Download a song. See the album art/tag/credit. Sep 03, 2019 There are some elements of a party to take into consideration. Like make an invitation list, plan the menu, as well as prepare party songs. Therefore, we’ve made a birthday party song list for you. Feel free to get any of the birthday song download for free.

All songs in the birthday playlist are available for downloading. Just click on the download button, youcan get happy birthday song download instantly.

Free Birthday Song With Name

Besides, we add music video of each Happy birthday song from YouTube, so you can play these songsbefore downloading them.

Now, you can directly skip to the section that interests you the most.

(NOTE. In this article, we use the direct download links by Free MP3 Finder, which is a free musicdownload site. You can use the site to search and download other music as needed.)

Now, let’s dig out the ultimate birthday songs list!

1. Happy Birthday to You (Original Song)

“Happy Birthday to You,” commonly known as “Happy Birthday,” is a traditional song to celebrate theanniversary of one’s birth.

According to Wikipedia,this classic song was written in 1893 by Patty and Mildred J. Hill. The melody comes from another songcalled “Good Morning to All.”

We’ve selected several original happy birthday songs for you. You can either play these songs or downloadthem to your devices.

  • Happy Birthday to You! (Traditional)

  • Happy Birthday 2019

Lyrics to Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You is the best-known song in the world, even a two-year-old child can hum the tune.Following are the lyrics that we’re so familiar with:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear (name)
Happy Birthday to you.

However, it’s only the first verse of the Happy Birthday to You song, and there’re 2 more verses toit.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

How old are you now?
How old are you now?
How old, How old
How old are you now?

Now you must be shocked by the fact. As we sing the same Happy Birthday song lyrics almost every year forevery birthday party, but no one ever talks about these extra two verses.

Happy Birthday to You Sheet Music

If you are a piano or guitar player then an instrument show will be a special gift onbirthday party. Even you are a beginner, that’s ok, because the happy birthday song is veryelementary-level friendly.

The free and printable sheet music below will help you out.

As you can see, the happy birthday sheet music includes notes with letters inside.

If you need the sheet music for a specific instrument, please check below.

Happy Birthday to You Sheet Music forGuitar
Happy Birthday Piano SheetMusic
Happy Birthday SongUkulele Sheet Music
Happy Birthday to You Song Sheet Musicfor Violin

Happy Birthday Song In Hindi

All above arrangements are available to print and play immediately. These happy birthday music notescertainly will give you a hand in the birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday to You in Different Languages

You’ll be amazed that the “Happy Birthday to You” song holds a world record for the most recognizablesong in English. It’s been translated into multiple languages worldwide.

Multi-language Birthday Songs

1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download

We’ve listed the multi-language version of the Happy Birthday to You song. Now, you can learn to sing thehappy birthday song in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian,Portuguese, etc.

Moreover, you can get these birthday songs download with thebutton.

If the language you need did not include in the list below, just leave a message in the comments andwe’ll add more languages as requested.

  • Happy Birthday to You

    Original happy birthday song free download

  • Joyeux Anniversaire

    Happy birthday song in French

  • Zum Geburtstag viel Glück

    Happy birthday song in German

  • Parabéns pra Você

    Happy birthday song in Portugal

  • 生日快乐歌

    Happy birthday song in Chinese

  • 생일축하합니다

    Happy birthday song in Korean

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Different Languages

The ways to celebrate birthday may vary in different culture, but the sincere blessing of “happybirthday” is all the same.

What if your friends come from another country but you have no idea about the language?

Don’t worry. You can find the answer below.

LanguageHow to say “Happy Birthday”
SpanishFeliz Cumpleaños
FrenchBon Anniversaire
GermanAlles Gute zum Geburtstag
ItalianBuon Compleanno
Korean생일 축하
Hindiजन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं
RussianС днем рождения
PortugueseFeliz Aniversário

Instrumental Version of Happy Birthday to You

1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download

If you’re planning a birthday date for your significant other, you should not miss this part.

The traditional happy birthday song seems like a bit cliché, so we suggest you to try some softbackground music.

There’s quite a few instrumental background music for birthday, and we just selected some of the best foryou.

You can stream following birthday instrumental songs online by pressing the download button. Meanwhile,you are able to get the happy birthday song mp3 download with one click.

  • Happy Birthday Background Music Birthday Music Instrumental

  • 'Romantic Happy Birthday' (Piano Cover)

  • Happy Birthday to You (Violin & Piano)

  • Romantic Birthday Song No.1 for Lovers (Piano Solo)

  • Romantic Birthday Song No.2 in A Major for Lovers (Piano Solo)

  • Romantic Birthday Song No.3 in Bb Major for Lovers (Piano Solo)

  • Happy Birthday (Percussive Fingerstyle Version)

2. Popular Happy Birthday Music for Different People

When we were kids, the sheer expectation of an upcoming birthday would have most of us exciting forweeks, sometimes months, ahead of the date.

Still, birthday is a big deal for adulthood. More importantly, we learn to care more about our loveones.

Happy birthday music is only a small part of the birthday planning, however, you can make it differentwith following songs.

Happy Birthday Song for Mom

For the women who gave us life, what’s your plan for her birthday?

Even if you simply say “Happy birthday, mom” she’d be very happy because you remember her birthday. Butyou can do more than this!

At least, you can give a perfect toast on the birthday party. Tell your mom how much you love her and howimportant she is in your life. Following songs will give your mom a warm feeling before you begin tospeak.

  • Happy Birthday Mom! (Beautiful Lyrics)

  • Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Mom

  • Happy Birthday Song to Mommy

  • My Mom is A Superstar

  • Funny Happy Birthday Song for Mom

  • Alien Remix - Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Song for Dad

If you’re anything like me, the toughest person in your life, without a doubt, dad. Usually, it’s hard tosay something sweet right in front of dad. On his big day, you’ve got to say something. Regardless ofwhat you’re gonna say, let these songs be your soundtrack.

  • A Song For Dad (Original Version)

  • Thank You for Being My Dad

  • Best Happy Birthday Song for Daddy!

  • Birthday Song: Hey Dad!

  • Happy Birthday Song to Daddy


1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download Free

Happy Birthday Song for Kids

When I was a little girl, I loved cartoons very much.

My favorite character was Snow White!

Therefore, my parents would play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on my birthday party.

And today, I am going to offer you some birthday songs with different animated characters.

I believe when kids hear these, they will definitely get excited!

Don’t forget to directly get the children’s favorite birthday song mp3 download.

  • It's Your Birthday

  • Happy Birthday with Cars

  • Happy Birthday with Snow White

  • Happy Birthday Song with Superman

  • Happy Birthday Song with Pancake Manor

  • Sesame Street: Elmo Happy Birthday Song!

  • Happy Birthday Song Nursery Rhymes

  • Happy Birthday to You Song for Kids

  • Happy Birthday Song in Child Voice

Happy Birthday Song for Adults

Whether it’s your birthday or you’re going to celebrate someone else birthday, here is a list of besthappy birthday songs out there.

It might be a great choice to play it on elders’ birthday parties.

My father is a big fan of The Beatles.

Every New Year’s Eve, he plays Funky New Year.

Therefore, I am going to play the Beatles’ Birthday song on his coming birthday party.

I believe he will love it!

1 happy birthday song hindi with name download free

Besides, if you like Blues, you definitely should try B. B. King’s Happy Birthday Blues.

The tempo of the song makes it ideal for dancing!

  • Happy Birthday

    The Click Five

  • Happy Birthday Blues

    B. B. King

  • Happy Birthday

    Stevie Wonder

  • Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

    The Tune Weavers

3. Funny Happy Birthday Song

Free Party Songs Download Mp3

If you want some funny birthday songs, then you should check out the following list.

My favorite one is Boogie Shoes.

In the video, the man received a birthday gift, which was a pair of shoes. He couldn’t wait to try on andstarting to dance. I saw myself on him. That’s really hilarious.

Feel free to tell me if you like the following songs or not.

  • Happy Birthday to You

  • The Funny Happy Birthday Song

  • It’s Your Birthday

  • Happy Birthday, Muppet Rock Style!

  • A Funny Song for Your Birthday

4. Pop Songs about Birthday

Are you looking for some pop songs to get excited on birthday party?

Then, you are about to get a perfect playlist!

If you are seeking for a birthday party song for him, then Birthday from Katy Perry will be a choice.Birthday is a disco song and Katy Perry also created a very bright and colorful video for thissong.

While if you want a birthday song for her, I would suggest Birthday by Selena Gomez. This song combinesdeep electronic dance beats and trap music.

You have more options below!

Don’t hesitate to add them to your birthday party playlist!

  • Birthday Song

    2 Chainz/Kanye West

  • Birthday

    K. Michelle

  • Everyday Birthday

    Swizz Beatz

  • Happy Birthday


  • Birthday Cake


  • It's My Birthday

    Pixie Lott

5. Birthday Party Songs for Adults

Birthday is also party time, right?

1 happy birthday song hindi with name download mp3

Birthday party makes you feel like the king or queen for the day.

There are some elements of a party to take into consideration. Like make an invitation list, plan themenu, as well as prepare party songs.

Therefore, we’ve made a birthday party song list for you.

Feel free to get any of the birthday song download for free.

1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download Free

  • Happy

    Pharrell Williams

  • It’s My Party

    Jessie J

  • Beauty And A Beat

    Justin Bieber

  • Back to You

    Louis Tomlinson

  • Good Life

    Kanye West/T-Pain

  • Party Rock Anthem


  • Forever Young

    Rod Stewart

  • Raise Your Glass


6. Happy Birthday Song in Hindi

Here is a collection of popular birthday songs in Hindi, and some of them are from Bollywood movies.

Please note that you can listen to each song by clicking on the play button, as well as get the wholelist of happy birthday song in Hindi MP3 download.

  • Happy Budday Song

    Kill Dil

  • Happy Birthday

    Nakash Aziz

  • Birthday Song

    Meri Beti Mera Maan (Movie)

  • Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya

    Anushka Manchanda/Hard Kaur/Mika Singh

  • Happy Birthday to You

    Wife Hai Toh Life Hai (Movie)

* Best Site to Download Birthday Song

As we’ve mentioned at the very beginning, we get all the FREE download links of birthdaysongs from the music download siteFree MP3 Finder.

If you can’t find the birthday song you like from the list above, just try to search a birthday songbelow.

For example, enter “birthday” in the search bar, and you’ll get a long list of total different birthdaysongs like below.

Next, you can scroll down all birthday songs in the search result, pick the one you like, and hit the“MP3” button to download the track. If you need more formats other than MP3, click on the “More” buttonand you’ll get a wide selection of format options. (NOTE. Both audio and video formatsare available.)

When you find a good birthday song on YouTube, but have no idea how to download the birthday song to MP3.Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the search bar, and you’ll able to get the specified songin the search result.

Free MP3 Finder is fully compatible with any browser, so you can easily downloadbirthday songs and nearly all songs on your smartphone or tablet. The mobile interface of Free MP3Finder is shown as the screenshot.

In general, it’s very easy to download any song online with Free MP3 Finder. Try to search for a songnow.

Do Something Special for……

1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download Mp3

Overwhelmed by so many happy birthday songs?

I bet you must have got the ones you like.

As for birthday gift, are you scratching your head right now?

Well, birthday gift for her/him is tricky but can also be easy. Think about it, who doesn’t like handmadestuff? A personalized birthday card can tell everything. It might be a bit old-fashion, but it works. Ifyou agree, why notmake a personalized birthday card for your sweetheart?

Meanwhile, don’t forget to add the birthday music to spice up your customized birthday card!

Ivy Ross is a blogger and music hunter for 5 years.She is dedicated to discover popular music all over the world, and she has made 100+ playlist which isspread among 1 million users.

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1 Happy Birthday Song Hindi With Name Download

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See you next time!

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“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear (name)
Happy birthday to you.”

This melody accompanies us on every birthday and is a common tradition through the birthday celebration. When the cake candles light, the Happy Birthday to You melody is sung. It’s time to make a wish and blow out all the candles in the same breath.
These days, Happy Birthday to You becomes the most acknowledged birthday song in the world and has been translated into over 18 languages. Happy Birthday songs in different versions are available on the Internet. You can easily find a suitable version to add more warmth and ambience to the birthday. However, if you have no idea where to start with, the following are good Happy Birthday song MP3 download websites that offer not only Happy Birthday to You in different versions, but also cover other popular birthday songs.

Disclaimer: This post is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox does not recommend or endorse the content of the third-party sites.
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